Delivery / Pickup / Returns


Do You Have Home Delivery Services, When Do You Deliver and
How Much Does It Cost?

Yes! We have home delivery service, and you can request our delivery service at the time of checkout!

Delivery Hours

Saturday 10am – 6pm
Monday 10am – 4pm

Delivery Rates

The following is an overview of TheFind’s delivery services and charges.
Our Local Delivery Area is defined on our map.

Local Area Delivery, includes basic setup, for stationary and motion sofas and sectionals, coffee and end tables, accents


Additional Item DeliverySetup Fees: office suites, bedroom sets, dining sets, entertainment centers (per set)



Additional delivery fees may apply for difficult installations


Delivery Outside Local Delivery Area


Difficult deliveries that need more than the hour allotted

$60.00 per full hour

Difficult deliveries that require more than two people

$60.00 per full hour

Delivery Schedules

TheFind will contact you the day before your scheduled delivery (between the hours of 10 am and 6pm) at the phone number you provide to give you an estimated time for your delivery. To ensure your order is delivered as scheduled, you must answer the phone call or allow us to leave a voice mail message. Deliveries not confirmed will be cancelled. Cancelled deliveries will need to be rescheduled.

We run a very tight and efficient delivery schedule. Please be available during your delivery window.  Unfortunately, there are no reimbursements for missed deliveries.  If you miss your delivery window, you will have to reschedule your delivery time. The redelivery fee is the cost of your original delivery fee and must be paid at the time of rescheduling.

We do our best to deliver on time!  On rare occasions, we can be delayed due to traffic or inclement weather. When this happens, we will call you at the numbers you provide to keep you notified of our arrival time.
Signatures and Inspection:  Someone over 18 years of age must be available to receive the furniture at your home and be authorized to inspect and sign the delivery paperwork.  We will not be able to deliver your furniture without inspection and signature of receipt and, therefore, you will have to reschedule delivery at the cost of your original delivery fee.

Our Delivery Services Included with Set Up

  • Assemble complete beds and bed frames. If the assembly time of a complicated delivery takes longer than your scheduled appointment time, an Additional Set-Up Fee will apply.
  • Attach mirrors to dressers. Attach hutches to buffets and computer bases.
  • Assemble dining tables and chairs.
  • Assemble coffee, sofa, and end tables.

What Happens If Something Doesn’t Fit at the Time Of Delivery?

Please always measure very carefully before purchase!  It is your responsibility to ensure that items you purchase can fit inside your home and within the areas of your home you purchase them for. If the item doesn’t fit, and must be returned, it will be eligible for an in-store credit and subject to a restocking fee of 15% of the purchase price (see“Refused Deliveries” below, for more information).

Remember to Measure!

Measure the width of your doorways, width of your hallways (including the turn required to get a piece of furniture from the hallway, through a hallway door and into a room) and staircases (width, turns and overhead landings. Account for any other obstacles or impediments you or our delivery team will need to navigate in your home.

Our Delivery Team Will Not Do The Following:

  1. Attempt to make a delivery which might cause any damage to your home! Yikes!
  2. Move any furniture in the existing room to make room for your new furniture, or move any furniture in order to clear a pathway to deliver your furniture safely.
  3. Move furniture into your home through any opening besides a door.
  4. Install rugs or hang mirrors.
  5. Remove any old furniture or mattress from your home or dispose of them on your behalf.
  6. Attempt to dismantle furniture in order to accommodate the openings and turns of your home as it may void any warranty associated with your product.
  7. Install any electronic devices or machinery.

Refused Deliveries

Refused deliveries will be subject to a restocking fee of 15% of the purchase price. A refused delivery includes, but is not limited to, items that don’t fit, customer not-at-home at time of delivery and cancellations while the truck is already en-route. Any redelivery will require an additional redelivery charge. A refused delivery is eligible for in-store credit ONLY minus delivery fee.  Items including, but not limited to, small accessories, rugs (if open), florals, lamps, and art are non-refundable.



Does Your Furniture Require Assembly?

TheFind is a warehouse and receiving center, therefore, our pricing is for unassembled furniture (if it is unassembled in its packaging). If you’re even the slightest bit handy, you can save money by assembling your furniture yourself! If you choose to pick up your furniture and would like us to assemble it for you (make life a bit easier!), you can opt to add the following assembly fees to your order:



Pickup: No assembly, merchandise in box

Free! Assemble it yourself and save!

Pickup: Assembly for:
coffee/end/sofa table, sofa/love/accent chair feet, desk chairs, accents, recliners, reclining sofa/loveseats (any amount)


Pickup: Assembly for:

Dining Sets




Can I Pick Up My Own Furniture?

Pickups are welcome! We are all about saving money! Just drive around to the side of the building to retrieve your furniture from our warehouse.

It is your sole responsibility for the safe loading and transportation of your merchandise. Please bring your own blankets/furniture pads and rope/ straps to get your beautiful goods home safely.

What Are Your Hours For Pickups?

Monday / Wednesday / Thursday 10am – 3pm
Friday & Saturday 10am – 6pm

Sunday 11am – 5:30pm

Pickup Process

You MUST call in advance to schedule a pickup time, if you don’t take home your furniture at time of purchase. You will have 7 days from your purchase date to pick up your furniture.  Merchandise not scheduled and picked up within 7 days of purchase will be returned to inventory and a restocking fee of 15% of the purchase price will be charged to you.

Can I Designate Someone Other Than Me to Pickup Or Accept Delivery of Furniture?

If you designate someone other than yourself to pick up or accept delivery of your merchandise, the designated person will assume ALL responsibilities for inspecting and reporting defects or damages at the time of delivery or pick up.  After it has been picked up or delivered, NO REPORTS can be claimed.

What Happens If I Pickup Furniture, and It Does Not Fit In My House?

Furniture you purchase that does not fit in your home may be returned if approved by management and for in-store credit only. Furniture that you have personally assembled is not eligible for return. (See Return Policy)



What Is Your Return Policy?

To keep our prices low, All SALES ARE FINAL at TheFind, except in limited circumstances and as approved by management.


  1. Manufacturing defect(s) that cannot be replaced by the manufacture and put back to manufacturer’s construction standard.
  2. Damages done during time of delivery by TheFind’s delivery service.
    Please report any issues/damages to your items to both the delivery personnel and TheFind at the time of delivery.  You may accept the merchandise, nonetheless, and TheFind will schedule a repair technician to come to your home to repair the item(s) in question (NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE THE 50 MILE RADIUS) or you may refuse the items and TheFind will replace and redeliver the items if a replacement is available.If the driver has damaged ANYTHING in your home, this MUST be reported at time of delivery.
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