Lift Chair

Independence.  Mobility. Safety.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good lift chair to make your life easier!  For those who have difficulty with mobility in standing or sitting, you should not have to think you have lost your independence and always need assistance; that is the inherent beauty of a lift chair!  A lift chair is designed as a recliner with an electric motor that will almost fully stand and tilt to gently get you from the sitting position into a standing position and vice-versa, providing you more independence to sit unassisted.   Many models have independent motions which allow the foot and back rests to work independently to maximize comfort and circulation while sitting or sleeping.  Some models lay completely flat; a great option for those who find their recliner more comfortable than sleeping in a traditional bed.  In addition, TheFind’s staff understands the strength that is required of our caregivers to assist in our daily affairs and a lift chair reduces the need for heavy lifting and risk of injury to caregivers and to you


TheFind Furniture Warehouse has a lot of experience in lift recliners! We know style, fit and function and will patiently help you find what is best within budget.


TheFind Furniture Warehouse carries a wide selection of quality, attractive lift chairs at incredibly reasonable prices for a variety of budgets including those on fixed income where cost is a concern.  Our capabilities and options include:

  • Leather / Vinyl and Fabric Chair Options
  • 2, 3, and Infinite Position Chairs Available
  • Optional Heat and Massage Lift Chairs

· Heavy Capacity and Ladies’ Chairs Available


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